Hot Drink – Top 3 Hot Drinks To Warm You Up – Jan 2021

Top 3 Hot Drinks To Warm You Up – Jan 2021

Hot Drink winter officially here, there’s no better way to warm up after a chilly day outside than with  warming  by the fire.

This doesn’t just mean your average hot chocolate though –

there are hundreds of recipes for warming drinks that you may have never thought of!

These three recipes are like a hug in a mug, so mugs at the ready and prepare to feel the warmth!


Hot Drink

A perfectly indulgent Hot Drink blend of thick and creamy hot chocolate and bold hot dark roast coffee together makes a delicious HOT CHOCOLATE COFFEE .

Popularly a perfect brunch or dessert beverage for the holidays..!!

This coffee will be an instant hit with friends and family this holiday season! The holidays are a time to catch up with loved ones .

This winter have a try on this.!!



A perfect Hot Drink preserved to warm you up in winter is the ‘ Cappuccino ‘ .

 Traditionally prepared with steamed milk foam.

This Hot Drink has a variety of ingredients involving the use of cream instead of milk, using non-dairy milks, and flavoring with cinnamon or chocolate powder .
Cappuccino has a thinner layer and volume than a caffè latte, with a thicker layer of microfoam.

The name comes from the Capuchin friars, referring to the colour of their habits and the beverage when milk is added in small portion to dark, brewed coffee (today mostly espresso).



Dalgona coffee may be a beverage made by whipping equal proportions of instant coffee powder, sugar, and predicament

adding it to cold or hot milk.

It was popularized on social media. People were refraining from going out started

making videos of whipping the coffee reception , by hand without using electrical mixers.

The name springs from dalgona, a Korean sugar sweet, thanks to the resemblance in taste and appearance.


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